The Jorge of Babylon

Jorge has gone a-whoring, hey.
Called Francis now, they say.
He greets all demons with a shout,
“Come here and let us play.”

No Mass for him.
No priest is he,
Nor regal vestments ply.
Jorge has gone a-whoring, hey—
The Vatican now his sty.

A gigolo, Ber goglio
A libertine. A rake.
So saucy and so insolent,
Beware, the hidden snake!

Where is the Bride?
She must not sleep.
Five foolish and have not.
The cup is overflowing now,
The Harlot soon to rot.

Jorge has gone a-whoring, hey.
Rome, no more eternal.
Behold! The Bridegroom is at hand!
Christ returns!

--October 2013

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